How to Triple Crochet for Beginners (aka Treble Crochet)

Learn how to work the Triple Crochet Stitch (also called the Treble Stitch) with this step by step tutorial. Perfect for Beginner Crocheters!

Once you have mastered the very beginning crochet techniques such as chaining, making a single and double stitch, the next logical stitch to learn is the Triple or Treble Crochet.

If you learned the other two, then you already know the basics of making this stitch, there are just more of them.

how to make a triple crochet stitch aka treble crochet

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Note: The abbreviation for this stitch is tr or sometimes tc

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What is a Triple Crochet Stitch?

Very similar to the Double Crochet (dc), the Triple or Treble is a taller version of the Single (sc), Half Double (hdc) and Double Crochet (dc) stitches.

The technique is basically the same, however there are a few additional Yarn Overs involved. This stitch actually begins with a Double Yarn Over.

Is Triple Crochet same as Treble?

Yes, Triple and Treble are both terms used for this particular stitch. As far as I know, there is absolutely no difference and the two names are interchangable.

The basics of the Triple

For this tutorial, I begin by making a slip knot and then a chain.

  1. Yarn Over 2 times
  2. Insert hook in stitch
  3. Yarn Over
  4. Pull thru 1 loop
  5. Yarn Over
  6. Pull thru 2 loops
  7. Yarn Over
  8. Pull thru last 2 loops

How to work the Triple/Treble Stitch (step by step)

In order to show you how to make a triple, we need to have some stitches to work into.

Note, I used Cotton Yarn and a Crochet Hook Size I/9 or 5 mm

So, for this tutorial, I started by making a basic slip knot and then a crochet chain. How many you chain is entirely up to you but I would suggest for practice to make at least 12 or 15.

Next, you will add 4 more chain stitches. These are the turning chain and will count as the first triple stitch.

How to make a slip knot
Crocheting a chain
(basic crochet chain)
Adding 4 stitches to make a turning chain
(add 4 more chains for the turning chain)

Note: Before you continue, take a look at your chain and find the 5th stitch from the hook. This is the chain into which you will insert the hook.

Begin the triple crochet stitch in the 5th chain from the hook
(Locate the 5th chain stitch from the crochet hook)

1. Yarn Over two times

To begin the actual stitch, you will Yarn Over twice.

(This is different from the single (sc), the half double (hdc) and the double (dc) where you only yarn over 1 time.)

Yarn over twice

2. Insert hook into 5th chain

Next, you will insert the hook into the 5th chain from the hook.

Yarn over two times to begin triple crochet stitch

3. Yarn Over a second time

With the barb end of the hook, grab the yarn from front to back.

yarn over a second time

4. Pull yarn through chain

Now you will pull the grabbed yarn backwards through 1 loop only. This will leave 4 loops of yarn on your hook.

pull yarn through 1 loop

5. Yarn Over a third time

Once again, grab the strand from front to back for a third Yarn Over.

yarn over again

6. Pull yarn through 2 loops

Again, pull this yarn backwards, this time through 2 loops which will leave 3 left on the hook.

pull yarn through 2 loops on hook

7. Yarn Over a fourth time

Do another yarn over …

yarn over again to make the triple crochet stitch

8. Pull yarn through 2 loops

And again, pull the yarn back through 2 loops. There should now be 2 loops left on your crochet hook.

two loops of yarn on the crochet hook

9. Yarn Over a fifth time

Make one last yarn over.

last yarn over for triple crochet or treble crochet stitch

10. Pull yarn through last 2 loops

Finally, pull the yarn back through the last two loops, leaving 1 yarn loop left on the hook. This completes the first triple crochet stitch.

finish the triple crochet stitch

See the video for making a treble or triple stitch:

Finishing the first row of stitches

Repeat steps 1-10 above, working the 2nd stitch in the very next chain from the first stitch.

Then, continue making a triple in each stitch all the way to the end of the chain.

first row of triple stitches

Working the 2nd row of stitches

Before you can turn your work and start row 2, you need to add height.

To do this, make 4 Chain Stitches at the end of the first row. This will serve as your Turning Chain and become the first triple stitch.

Then, repeat steps 1-10 above, beginning with 2 Yarn Overs and inserting the hook in the 2nd stitch from the end of the row below.

Continue working a triple into each stitch, making the last one in the top chain stitch of your turning chain from the previous row below.

3 turning chain stitches
how to make a triple crochet stitch aka treble crochet

Continue adding rows of stitches until your piece is as long as you want. You can actually make a lovely, open weave scarf with just these basic techniques.

When you feel comfortable with this stitch, check out these free Triple Crochet Stitch Patterns.

I hope this tutorial makes sense … I know the multiple repeated steps can be confusing. And, if you need a refresher course, here are tutorials for the other basic stitches.

Make sure and check out the free Single Crochet Patterns, Half Double and Double Patterns.

Note: This is my favorite Crochet Stitch Book and you can’t beat the price!

What is a good triple stitch pattern for a beginner?

The triple or treble is a fairly simple and straightforward stitch. However, it is easy to get a little confused by the repetitive nature of the many Yarn Overs and pull throughs.

So, I find it is always a good idea to practice my newly learned stitches and so I have found for you a very easy blanket pattern that uses the triple.

If a full sized blanket or afghan is intimidating, you can always resize it and make a lap blanket or baby stroller blanket.

Note: if you are left handed, check out this video for making this stitch.

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How to make a Triple Crochet or Treble Crochet Stitch
triple crochet stitch tutorial

How to Triple Crochet for Beginners (aka Treble Crochet)

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