Shell Stitch Crochet Patterns

13 cool crochet patterns featuring the scalloped shell crochet stitch for making lovely baby blankets, shawls, beanies and crochet tops

You probably already know that crochet shell stitches are perfect for making sweet baby blankets and afghans. And, we have included some of those cute patterns in this list.

But this stitch is also great for many more patterns so you will also find pretty hair accessories, beanies, jackets and a particularly sweet baby cardigan.

image of a tan crochet blanket and women's top

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What is a shell stitch?

The Shell is an advanced beginner/intermediate crochet stitch that is made by working several stitches into the same loop within the row below, thereby creating a shell shape.

There are several variations which can make everything from a loose, open and lacy pattern to a thick, dense and extra warm fabric.

image of three shell stitches in crochet

How do you crochet a simple shell stitch?

Crocheting a shell is actually fairly easy and utilizes beginner stitches that you probably learned first. These include the double (dc), half double (hdc) or even triple stitch. Since you mainly use basic stitches, the shell is the perfect next technique for beginners to learn.

This tutorial shows you the detailed step by step instructions for making a basic shell stitch.

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Useful crochet supplies

skein of Lion Brand yarn set of crochet hooks

Most of these patterns are appropriate for beginners to handle. There are a couple, though, that are really geared more toward intermediate or advanced crocheters.

But, please don’t let that deter you if you happen to be a beginning crocheter. Look at those patterns as motivation to learn the next stitch.

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Listing of 13 shell stitch crochet patterns

Shady Shell Cocoon Cardigan Pattern

If your are ready to tackle a larger crochet pattern (that is not an afghans), this lovely jacket is it. It is made with super soft Alpaca Cloud yarn that comes in different colors so you can customize it to your taste.

by Heart Hook Home

image of a woman holding a striped crochet cardigan

Poncho Style Summer Crochet Top

While this top may look complicated, it is made with only two rectangles of open shell stitches.

LB Cotton Bamboo yarn makes this top durable, washable and still nice and drapey. Plus, it also comes in different colors to suit your taste.

by Make And Do Crew

image of a woman wearing a tan hat and a crochet top

Sunset Blush Hat and Scarf Shell Patterns

Here is a pretty scarf and hat crochet set that features the shell stitch. You can make these with fun self-striping yarn to give the pattern some drama or a single color which will let the stitch pattern stand out. (Made with DK or Light Worsted Yarn)

by Pattern Paradise

image of a woman wearing a crochet hat and scarf
wool and alpaca blend yarn

Wavy Shells Pocket Scarf

If you are a beginner crocheter just learning to make more intermediate or advanced stitches, this free pattern is perfect for you!

The Wavy Shells scarf is made up of single crochet stitches with the shell stitch making up the pockets. Plus, it also has matching mittens and beanie patterns so you can make a whole set for a lovely handmade Christmas present or Birthday gift.

Made with medium weight Size 4 Yarn

by Highland Hickory Designs

image of a blue crochet scarf on a rack

Wavy Shells Mittens

And, here is the matching mittens shell pattern to the Wavy Scarf above. This is also a beginner friendly pattern. Most of the stitches are singles with the cuff featuring the scalloped shell edging.

by Highland Hickory Designs

image of blue and white crochet mittens

Sunny Brimmed Cloche Hat Pattern

Here is a simple, stretchy band with interchangeable flowers and shamrock embellishments that you can whip up in no time!

by Snappy Tots

three images of various crochet hats

Crochet Shell Baby Blanket Pattern

Baby Afghans or Blankets are a great option for newbie crocheters since they are much smaller and faster to finish than a full size. This sweet blanket features double crochet stitch shells and is perfect for practicing your shells.

This free pattern calls for natural cotton and bamboo Lion Brand Coboo yarn but any category 3 yarn should work fine. Just make sure it is soft enough for a baby.

by Easy Crochet

image of a tan crocheted blanket with tassels

Water Bottle Holder Pattern

Keep your hands free with this cool crochet bottle bag. It comes with a nice long strap so you can also hang your water bottles over your shoulder. Cotton yarn makes them sturdy and comes in loads of different colors.

These useful bags also make a great diy gift idea!

by Crochet Dreamz

image of three crochet bottle holders

Solid Shell Stitch Crochet Hat

Making this beanie with a solid color of yarn shows off the lovely texture of the shell pattern.

Bernat Cotton baby yarn comes in different colors and makes this hat extra soft (no itchy wool!)

by Crochet N Crafts

image of a green crochet beanie
Bernat Cotton Yarn

Shell Stitch Baby Blanket Free Pattern

Here is another baby afghan pattern featuring the shell and a scalloped edge border. You can make this with any size 4 medium cotton or other baby soft yarn.

by Lion Brand

image of a light and medium brown striped afghan
(image courtesy of Lion Brand Yarn)

Split Shell Crochet Kerchief Pattern

Here’s something a little different …. a crocheted hair kerchief! These cute hair accessories are a big hit with teens these days. You can whip up a bunch in a short time for a fun Christmas gift or Birthday present.

by Crochet Dreamz

image of a woman wearing a blue crochet hair kerchief

Shell Stitch Baby or Little Girl Cardigan

How sweet is this little baby jacket?? Wouldn’t this make the most wonderful baby shower or new parents gift?

This pattern gives instructions for newborn to age 4 to 5.

by Wooly Wonders Crochet

image of a crocheted baby jacket

Vintage Sweater Jacket Pattern

You can make a huge statement with this super cool crocheted jacket. This pattern is written for a more intermediate to advanced crocheter . . . sorry beginners! It features big shells and a collar that can also be made into a hood.

by Maggie’s Crochet

image of a woman wearing a crochet jacket and hat

I hope you enjoyed these patterns and will give them a try. A big THANK YOU to the creative designers for allowing me to share their work with you.

Oh, and you will not want to miss the many free crochet patterns at WeCrochet. They have something for everyone from beginner to advanced.

marketing image of crocheted baby items and text
(image courtesy of WeCrochet)
image of a book Crochet One Skein Wonders
3 image collage of crocheted shawl, hat and shirt
4 image collage of crocheted scarf, mittens, shirt and bottle bags

Shell Stitch Crochet Patterns

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