How to Double Crochet (dc) for Beginners

This complete step by step tutorial shows you how easy it is to work a basic Double Crochet Stitch

When you are just learning how to crochet, in general you begin with the Single, Half Double and then the Double and Triple or Treble. These are a few of the basic stitches that make it easier to learn some of the more advanced, fancier stitches later.

Assuming that you have already learned how to work a single stitch, let me show you how to double crochet.

As you will see, many of the steps are the same so you will be able to pick this up very quickly and easily.

a row of double crochet stitches in pale green

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What is double crocheting?

The double stitch is a taller version of both the single and the half double stitches. The basic technique is the same but there are more yarn overs and pull throughs to create more height.

Check out this list of double crochet patterns!

Note: The abbreviation for the double crochet stitch is ‘dc’

The basic steps of a double crochet stitch:

  1. Yarn over
  2. Insert hook in chain (or stitch)
  3. Yarn over
  4. Pull yarn through 1 chain (or stitch)
  5. Yarn over
  6. Pull through 2 loops on hook
  7. Yarn over
  8. Pull through last two loops on hook

Useful Supplies:

Check out this useful Crochet Supplies and Tools list

Make a Slip Knot and a Chain

The first thing we need to do is make some chain stitches for you to work the double stitch. So, you will first make a slip knot and then chain a few stitches.

For this practice, it does not matter how many. You can start with 10 chains or however many you need to get the width of your project. If you are using a pattern, just work the number of chains listed.

Note: The loop on the hook does not count as a finished chain stitch.

If you need a refresher, see how to create a slip knot and making a crochet chain.

 A crochet chain

How to crochet a dc stitch – step by step

1. Yarn Over

Crochet a specific number of chains (i.e. 10), and then you will need to add a ‘turning chain’. This will increase the height of the next row to match the double stitch and counts as the first stitch.

So, for a basic double crochet row, add 3 chain stitches to the end of your existing chain. (You will now have 13 chains)

Next, you will grab the working yarn from underneath and front to back with the hook. This is called a Yarn Over. The hook should now have 2 loops of yarn on it.

Yarn over the crochet hook

2. Insert hook in chain stitch

Then you will insert the hook into the 4th chain from the hook. Again, the loop on your crochet hook does not count as a chain.

Inserting the crochet hook in a chain stitch
Beginning the double crochet stitch

3. Yarn Over

With the crochet hook inserted through the 4th chain, you will again yarn over or grab the working yarn with your hook.

Grab the yarn with the crochet hook

4. Pull yarn through 1 chain stitch

Then, pull it backwards through the chain stitch only. This will leave 3 loops left on your hook.

Three loops on crochet hook for the dc stitch

5. Yarn Over

Do a third yarn over. (As before, using your hook, snag the yarn underneath and from front to back which will create a 4th loop on the hook.

Yarn over again

6. Pull through 2 loops on hook

Take the yarn you just grabbed and pull it backwards through the first 2 loops on the hook. This should leave 2 loops.

Two yarn loops on crochet hook

7. Yarn Over

Grab the yarn in a Yarn Over one last time (4th)

Last yarn over the double crochet stitch

8. Pull yarn through 2 loops

Finally, to complete your first double crochet stitch, you will pull the yarn that you just grabbed through the last two loops left on your hook. This will leave you with 1 loop.

finishing the double crochet dc stitch

See the video:

Finishing the first row

Now, you will repeat steps 1 – 8 but instead of starting the stitch in the 4th chain, you will go into the next chain from the double you just created. Continue working a double stitch into each chain to the end of the row.

how to double crochet tutorial

Turning a double crochet stitch

Once you reach the end of the first row, you will make 3 chain stitches. This is called the ‘Turning Chain’ which, again, will bring the next row up to the height of the dc stitches.

After you make the three turning chains, turn the work over so the hook is on the right side.

Double crochet turning chain

Working the second row of dc stitches

To begin the second row, Yarn Over and then insert the hook in the second stitch from the first row. Then repeat the above steps in each stitch until you reach the end of the row.

Starting the second row of dc stitches

Continue following the steps and working rows back and forth until your piece is the desired height.

Here is a listing of crochet patterns for beginners that use mostly the double stitch. Next, we will tackle the triple or treble crochet stitch.

crochet swatch using half double

What can you make with a double stitch?

Since the double is tall, it creates a more open fabric as opposed to the single with makes very dense, close together stitches. It also works up a lot quicker due to the height.

This lends it perfectly for just about any project such as afghans, scarves, pillows, cardigans, sweaters, vests and more.

How to crochet a left handed half double

Since I am right handed, my tutorials are all going to show you how to work these stitches from a righty point of view.

For all of my left handed readers, I will try and find instructions for you when I can. Here is a tutorial outlining how to work a dc for left handers.

How to double crochet tutorial

How to Double Crochet (dc) for Beginners

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