How to Crochet a Puff Stitch (Step by Step)

Learn how to easily crochet the Puff Stitch, a fun ‘puffy’ stitch that is perfect to create texture and decorative elements such as flowers and edging.

Two rows of a crochet puff stitch in purple yarn

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What is the Puff Stitch?

The Puff Stitch is a thick or puffy stitch that creates a fun, bubble like texture which makes it perfect for baby blankets, borders, flowers, hats, scarves as well as decorative elements.

It is known as one of the Composite Stitches and is closely related to the Popcorn and Bobble Stitch.

The Puff is really multiple Half Double Crochets (hdc) made together in the same stitch such as hdc2tog, hdc3tog, etc. You can make as many hdc stitches together as you wish, depending on how thick you want it and the weight of your yarn.

For thinner yarn, for example, you will probably use more than with thicker yarn.

Note: the abbreviation for the Puff is ps.

Useful Supplies:


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Steps of a basic Puff Stitch:

Note: Steps 1 through 4 can be repeated as many times as you wish to increase the “puffiness” of your Puff Stitch.

  1. Yarn Over
  2. Insert hook in stitch
  3. Yarn Over
  4. Pull yarn through one loop (3 loops on hook)
  5. Yarn Over
  6. Insert hook in same stitch
  7. Yarn Over
  8. Pull yarn through same loop (5 loops on hook)
  9. Insert hook in same stitch
  10. Yarn Over
  11. Pull yarn through same loop (7 loops on hook)
  12. Repeat as needed
photos showing the steps of the crochet puff stitch

Making the Puff Stitch, Step by step

Create a foundation

In order to make a Puff, you will first have to crochet some foundation stitches. Technically, these are not a part of the Puff Stitch, but you can’t make one without some base stitches.

For this tutorial, we will begin with a basic chain of stitches and a row of single crochet (sc) stitches. Then, turn your work and make two turning chains to bring the second row to the same height as the Puffs will be.

Note: You can start with a row of double crochet (dc) or half double crochets (hdc), if you prefer.

A crochet chain with purple yarn
A single row of crochet work with two turning chains

1. Make a Yarn Over

To begin the actual Puff Stitch, you will Yarn Over (using the hook, grab the working yarn from front to back).

the first yarn over for the puff stitch

2. Insert hook in stitch

Now, insert the hook into the first stitch from below.

Inserting crochet hook in the first stitch from below

3. Yarn Over a second time

Grab the working yarn with the crochet hook.

Crochet hook grabbing the working yarn

4. Pull yarn through

Pull the crochet hook backwards through the stitch only. Gently pull your loops up to about the height of a double crochet row.

There should now be three loops left on your hook. This completes the first half double in that stitch.

For this tutorial, we will make a total of three half doubles. As I said previously, you can make as many of these as you wish.

Crochet hook pulling the loop through a stitch
a crochet hook with three loops of yarn

5. Yarn Over a third time

To make the second half double of the Puff Stitch, you will repeat steps 2 through 5 from above. So, you will again do a Yarn Over.

Crochet hook with three loops and one yarn over

6. Insert the hook a second time

Then, insert the crochet hook into the same stitch again from below.

Inserting a crochet hook into a stitch

7. Yarn Over again

Once again, grab the working yarn with your hook.

Crochet hook grabbing yarn

8. Pull the yarn through stitch

Pull the grabbed yarn backwards through the one stitch. Again, stretch and pull the loops up to the height of a double crochet.

You should now have five loops on your hook.

Five yarn loops on a crochet hook

9. Repeat

This completes the second part of the Puff. If you wish to make your stitch ‘puffier’ and fuller, continue by repeating steps 2 through 5.

A third Puff worked into the same stitch will leave you with seven loops on the hook (see below). A fourth Puff will give you nine loops on the hook.

Seven yarn loops on a crochet hook

10. Yarn Over

Once you are happy with the number of Puffs in your stitch, you will Yarn Over again.

Seven loops of yarn on a hook and a yarn over

11. Pull the yarn through

Now you will take the grabbed yarn and pull it through all of the loops left on your hook.

yarn being pulled through loops with a crochet hook

12. Finish the Puff Stitch

To finish this stitch, you will again Yarn Over and pull the yarn through the one loop that is on your hook. This “locks” the stitch.

Note: not all patterns call for you to lock the stitch. Make sure and follow your crochet pattern carefully so you end up with the correct number of stitches.

A loop on a crochet hook and a yarn over
A loop of yarn pulled through a stitch
a completed crochet Puff Stitch and crochet hook

Finishing the first row

To make more Puff Stitches in a row, you will need to skip a stitch from below and work the second Puff in the third stitch. Continue skipping one and working your Puffs to the end of the row.

A row of crocheted puff stitches in purple yarn

Working a second row

To work a second row of Puffs, you will make two chains at the end of row one (turning chains) and then turn your work.

Begin the first Puff in the hole at the top of the first Puff Stitch from the row below. Continue skipping one and working your Puffs to the end.

Two rows of crochet puff stitches with purple yarn

And that is how you crochet a Puff Stitch. This is the basic version, there are always variations but this tutorial will get you started.

When you feel comfortable, here is a cool triangle scarf pattern that is perfect for practicing the new stitch.

Pinterest image showing crochet work and text
two images showing crochet puff stitch work and text

How to Crochet a Puff Stitch

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